Xmaster Powerlifting Belt Review: Size and Price

Hey there, iron enthusiasts! Let’s talk about something that might not be the sexiest piece of gym equipment, but boy, is it important – the powerlifting belt. Specifically, we’re diving into the XMaster Powerlifting Belt, a piece of kit that’s been turning heads in weight rooms across the country.

Introduction: Why the XMaster Powerlifting Belt?

In the world of weightlifting, every detail matters. The XMaster Powerlifting Belt isn’t just another accessory; it’s crafted to provide unparalleled support and stability during your toughest lifts. Designed with both functionality and durability in mind, this belt stands out as a go-to choice for many athletes aiming to push their limits safely and effectively.

Now, you might be thinking, “It’s just a belt, right?” Wrong! This isn’t your grandpa’s old leather strap. The XMaster Powerlifting Belt is like the Ferrari of lifting belts – sleek, powerful, and designed to make you feel like a superhero.

Exploring the Features: What Makes It Special?

Let’s break it down. This bad boy is made from genuine leather – none of that fake stuff that falls apart after two squats. It’s thick too, coming in at a beefy 13mm. That might not sound like much, but trust me, when you’re trying to squat your bodyweight (or three times that), every millimeter counts.

1. Premium Construction

Crafted from genuine leather, the XMaster belt boasts superior quality and durability. Unlike cheaper alternatives, this belt holds up even under the heaviest loads, offering reliable support session after session.

2. Optimal Size and Fit

SizeWaist Measurement Range
Small (S)66-80 cm
Medium (M)72.5-90 cm
Large (L)80-100 cm
Extra Large (XL)87.5-110 cm
This table provides the waist measurement ranges for each size of the XMaster Powerlifting Belt, helping you select the perfect fit for your lifting needs.

Available in multiple sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large), with additional adjustability for a customized fit, the XMaster belt ensures comfort and effectiveness for lifters of all shapes and sizes. Its 10cm width strikes the perfect balance, providing ample support without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

3. Secure Mechanical Buckle

Featuring a robust zinc alloy buckle, the XMaster belt secures tightly and remains in place throughout your lifts. This mechanical lock-in mechanism eliminates the risk of the belt slipping or coming loose mid-lift, allowing you to focus entirely on your performance.

4. Enhanced Core Support

The primary function of the XMaster belt is to stabilize your core and lower back during heavy lifts. By increasing intra-abdominal pressure, it reduces the risk of injury and enables you to lift heavier weights with greater confidence and control.

The belt is 10cm wide, which is the sweet spot for most lifters. It’s wide enough to give your core something to brace against, but not so wide that it digs into your ribs or hips. Trust me, nobody wants to deal with bruised ribs while they’re trying to set a new PR.

XMaster knows that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to powerlifters. Whether you’re built like a tank or lean like a greyhound, they’ve got you covered. The belt comes in four sizes:

And get this – they’ve added extra holes for adjustability. So if you’re between sizes or your waist fluctuates (hello, bulking season), you can always get the perfect fit.

Where to Buy:

  • Lazada: Purchase the XMaster Powerlifting Belt on Lazada.com here and On Lazada, you can purchase it for 599 RM. Enjoy convenient online shopping with delivery options.
  • XMaster Official Website: Visit the XMaster official website here to explore their full range of products and ensure you’re getting the authentic XMaster quality. The XMaster Powerlifting Belt is priced at $110.00 USD on XMaster’s official website.

Benefits: Why Invest in Quality?

Alright, so it’s well-made and fits well. But why should you drop your hard-earned cash on this instead of that cheap belt from the sporting goods store?

Safety and Injury Prevention

Lifting heavy weights without proper support can lead to serious injuries. The XMaster belt acts as a safeguard for your spine, reducing strain on your lower back and minimizing the risk of sudden twists or strains.

2. Performance Enhancement

By providing a stable base for your lifts, the XMaster belt helps you generate more power from your core muscles. This translates to improved performance in squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and other compound exercises where core strength is crucial.

3. Versatility in Training

While ideal for powerlifting, the XMaster belt is versatile enough to support a wide range of lifting techniques and styles. Whether you’re into Olympic lifts, CrossFit workouts, or traditional strength training, this belt enhances your overall stability and performance consistency.

How to Use It Like a Pro: Tips for Effective Use

To maximize the benefits of your XMaster Powerlifting Belt, follow these expert tips:

1. Proper Positioning

Position the belt around your midsection, just above your belly button. This ensures optimal support for your core muscles and lower back throughout the entire range of motion.

2. Adjusting Tightness

Secure the belt snugly enough to provide support without restricting your breathing or movement. You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably between the belt and your abdomen for the perfect fit.

3. Core Bracing Technique

Before each lift, take a deep breath and brace your core against the belt. This technique increases intra-abdominal pressure, enhancing spinal stability and overall lifting performance.

4. Gradual Adaptation

While the XMaster belt enhances your lifting capabilities, avoid becoming overly reliant on it. Use the belt selectively during heavy sets to strengthen your core muscles naturally over time.

Maintenance and Longevity

To prolong the lifespan of your XMaster Powerlifting Belt:

  • Clean the belt regularly with a damp cloth to remove sweat and debris.
  • Store it flat or rolled to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the leather.
  • Periodically apply leather conditioner to maintain its flexibility and durability over time.

User Testimonials: What Are Lifters Saying?

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from fellow lifters who swear by the XMaster Powerlifting Belt:

“I’ve tried several belts over the years, but the XMaster stands out for its durability and reliability. It’s an essential part of my lifting gear now.” – Emily, Powerlifter

“Using the XMaster belt has improved my squat form and confidence under heavy loads. It’s worth every penny for the support it provides.” – James, Olympic Lifter


Investing in a high-quality powerlifting belt like the XMaster is a decision that pays off in both performance and safety. Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or just starting out, the benefits of enhanced core support and stability cannot be overstated. While it may seem like a splurge initially, the long-term advantages far outweigh the cost.

So, if you’re serious about taking your lifting to the next level and achieving new personal bests, consider adding the XMaster Powerlifting Belt to your gym bag. It’s more than just a piece of equipment; it’s your trusted companion on the journey to stronger, safer, and more successful lifts.

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